Private fitness sessions availible in Courchevel and Meribel



Enjoy an invigorating yoga session in the mountains, Using the fluid power of Vinyasa flow, combining breath with movement to bring balance, peace and harmony to your body and life. Yoga is a great way to restore the body, increasing mobility, flexibility and strength. Yoga can be practiced at any fitness level and can be tailored to beginners or advanced levels.



Pilates focuses on building your core strength and posture through low impact stretching and conditioning exercises. It enables you to develop your muscles without adding bulk, increasing your flexibility and agility and toning at the same time. We will design a programme tailored to your needs with the aim of restoring a greater sense of balance within the body.



Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, sport specific training or improve general health, A programme will be developed around your needs and goals, giving you support and realistic time lines to work to, insuring that your reach your target and achieve the body and fitness level you desire.



Integrates strength training with cardiovascular fitness.  Boxing is a great way to keep in shape, is fun and challenging whatever your level.  If you are tired of the same old exercises and want to add something new and exciting to your programme boxing could be just the ticket.